A Beginning #1

It all has to start somewhere and, with The Shadow Chronica (new working title for The Chronica of the Haven Lands) I'll be able to work with at least two, maybe three starting points, although the 'eldest' will be a different genre to the others.

Anyway - in my personal history the first abiding tone of the tale is set firmly in the lands of the ancients and so it's fitting to give you a taster of the world myth as devised by the Pyrvyrns and the first Meeters, back in the mists of Haven's own emergence into social sentience...

The World thou must Live In is Here. The World thou must Live In is Now. Know also that the World HereBefore and the World HereAfter may be studied and used to inform thy understanding of the World of Here and Now, but they cannot guide thee in thy Paths through thine own Life.
Where then must thou find a Light for thy Path? The Moot tell of the ancients of the World HereBefore, where all things were sought to be known and bent to the service of AllFolk. Great deeds were done and they became wise in all things, or so they thought. They discovered the secrets of the Worlds Within and Without; travelled to the far suns and learned of the great mysteries of Life. Of How It Came To Be and What It Could Become.
The Moot know also that AllFolk now Living were brought to the Haven Lands from the World HereBefore because it was dying, for the ancients could find no way to save it. Wherever the World HereBefore Was, it no longer Is. It has gone forever and the ancients let it be known to The Moot that No One should attempt to restore it, or its ways, for they had led AllFolk into hubris, and folly, and forgetfulness, so skilled had they become in their mastery of All Creation.
In the latter days however, the wisest and greatest of The Meeters of the World HereBefore, knowing that their time was nearly done, wished to attempt one last great service for the innocent generations to come, and so they sent them to what safety lay beyond the stars of the World HereBefore. They built great arks to carry their own seed and all kinds of other life and matter: to make a new home for AllFolk in a place made safer for them to live, in Another World of the Here and the Now. Here, in the HavenLands, they came to rest after many Ages. And the Great Work Began.
Know thou who must Live in the World of Here and Now. Though thou must dwell in the World Without and be subject to its seasons and fates, the World Within thee must never be neglected, nor forgotten, for it is there that thou must truly Live and Grow. Knowledge of thyself, of thy strength, and health, and purpose, is what thou must hold to all thy Life. Live in the Here and the Now. Learn from the World HereBefore.
Of the World HereAfter one cannot be sure, save that thou wilt reach it through how thou hast Lived in the Here and the Now. The World HereAfter is for the Dead Ones who Pass On. In the World HereAfter they reach Life Beyond, gathered amongst the Infinite Stars.

Transcribed from the First Tome of The Moot
by I, Veritas  
High Keeper
this 5th day of the Autumnal Quart in Cycle 6987
Cloudbeis Keep

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