Monday, 23 January 2017

Back in the saddle...?

Not quite, but I've run out of excuses today. The new line editing software has spruced up the manuscript, such as it is, and I've done a thorough review and re-familiarisation with the one and a bit chapters of Storm Shadow I wrote two years ago, give or take.

My life has changed irrevocably, all for the better and I'm more than ready to move on to the next phase of building up my chosen lifestyle, and renovating my personal environment. In the past, I may have gone on a diet as well, but that's a retrograde thing these days. Health is what it's all about now, and this includes the writing projects I undertake.

So, back to my Havenworld, where I can weave, thieve and believe in tales and characters that are clamouring to tell their stories. This place will become a little busier I hope as I progress with the content and come in here to update, or store pieces of tales that are are still forming, or, perhaps materialising out of nowhere and needing to wait in the wings until I find a proper place for them.

Welcome back to my world. Maybe I'll see you here again, soon. :-D

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